The UN envoy to Syria meets in Istanbul a number of leaders of the Syrian opposition

Istanbul The UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen, met with leaders of the Syrian opposition today, Tuesday, in Istanbul, Turkey, following a visit to the Syrian capital, Damascus, a few days ago.

It was reported here that Pedersen met with the head of the Syrian coalition, Salem al-Maslat, and the head of the negotiating committee, Anas al-Abdah.

The co-chair of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, Hadi Al-Bahra, participated in the meeting via video conference.

The meeting, which dealt with developments in the political process in Syria and all issues related to the Syrian issue, was also attended by the coalition's vice president and foreign relations coordinator, Abdel Ahad Astifo, as well as the assistants of the UN envoy.

Pedersen had visited Damascus several days ago, during which he met a number of Syrian government officials, as he is making efforts to hold a new round of the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, as five rounds of the work of that committee in the Swiss city of Geneva failed to achieve any progress, due to the regime's refusal to enter into the work of drafting the constitution.

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria had announced earlier today that the situation was "not appropriate" for the "safe and dignified" return of refugees, noting the escalation of violence in the north and south of the country.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency