The Union of Arab Journalists is surprised by what international organizations have published with misleading accusations against some Arab countries

Baghdad The General Union of Arab Journalists expressed its astonishment at the misleading accusations published by Amnesty International, Forbidden Stories and other Western media organizations against some Arab countries.

The Union said in a statement that it was deeply surprised by what these organizations published of misleading and baseless accusations against some Arab countries, noting that: These organizations accused some Arab governments of spying on journalists’ phones, as well as politicians, opponents, heads of state and foreign ministers through the “Picasos” program, which is sold by the Israeli company /NOS/.

He added that: these accusations, despite their seriousness, are baseless, especially as they go beyond the issue of spying on journalists, but rather accusing the Moroccan services of spying on King Mohammed VI and on French President Manuel Macron. Noting that: The Moroccan government asked Amnesty International to provide it with evidence that proves the truth of what I published, but the organization refused that .. The National Syndicate of the Moroccan Press also made the same endeavor with the organization, but it did not receive any answer.

The statement indicated that the General Union of Arab Journalists strongly rejects what was published by Amnesty International and the Forbidden Stories and other Western media organizations of baseless accusations, which contradicts the mission of these organizations mentioned to work to protect press freedoms and journalists.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency