The United States of America announces the withdrawal of 95% of its forces from Afghanistan

Baghdad The US Central Command announced today, Tuesday, the withdrawal of more than 95% of its forces from Afghanistan, in implementation of President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan completely by next September 11.

“As the withdrawal from Afghanistan continues, Central Command estimates that we have completed more than 95 percent of the total evacuation process,” the US Central Command said in a statement.

It added: “the United States has officially handed over 7 facilities of the Afghan Ministry of Defense, and approximately 17,074 pieces of equipment to government forces for disposal,” noting that “this equipment is not defensive or major equipment.”

The United States of America plans to withdraw the last of its forces from Afghanistan by September 11, the date of the twentieth anniversary of the 2001 attacks, which led Washington to overthrow the “Taliban” regime.

About 7,000 non-US troops, mostly from NATO countries, as well as troops from Australia, New Zealand and Georgia, plan to leave Afghanistan by the same date.

Spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense had announced, earlier, that all US military and coalition forces had left Bagram base, and control of it had been transferred to the Afghan Defense and Security Forces.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency