The US Reiterates Its Support For Iraq And Its Keenness To Consolidate The Victory Achieved Against Daesh

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The United States reiterated its support for Iraq and its keenness to consolidate the victory achieved against Daesh.

“Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met the US President’s envoy for international coalition affairs, Brett McGurk. During the meeting, they discussed enhancing the relations between the two countries and confirming the US position in supporting Iraq’s stability, enhancing its capabilities, supporting reconstruction efforts and calling on US companies to participate in the investment and accelerate programs of return displaced people,” a statement from Abadi’s office said. “

McGurk offered his condolences to the Iraqi people on the terrorist act that targeted the citizens in Baghdad, stressing the support of the United States of America for Iraq and the confirmation of its keenness to consolidate the victory that has been achieved on Daesh gangs.

During the meeting, McGurk praised “the national trend of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi and his wise leadership of the country and the preservation of Iraq’s unity and stability.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency