The US State Department: The appropriate response to the tanker attack is coming, and we are consulting with governments in the region about the response


The US State Department announced that the appropriate response to the targeting of the “Mercer Street” tanker off the coast of Oman is coming, and that Washington is consulting with governments in the region regarding the response.

“We are consulting with the governments of countries in the region and beyond about a proportionate response, and this response is coming,” State Department Spokesman Ned Price said during a press conference on Tuesday.

The United States and Israel had accused Iran of targeting the oil tanker “Mercer Street” operated by Israel last week.

The targeting of the tanker by a drone resulted in the killing of two crew members, one of whom was a British citizen and the other a Romanian.

Iran rejected the accusations against it, and denied any connection to the attack on the tanker



Source: National Iraqi News Agency