The US Treasury imposes a new sanctions package on Russian and Belarusian individuals and entities

Baghdad - The US Treasury Department announced, on Tuesday, the imposition of a new package of sanctions linked to Russia and Belarus, including individuals and entities.

The US Department stated, on its website, a list of individuals and entities included in the new sanctions package against Russia and Belarus, which are 13 individuals and 20 entities.

The US Treasury said that the sanctions included prominent political figures in Belarus, senior businessmen, and officials of the Belarusian Red Cross.

It added that the sanctions also included institutions, joint-stock holding companies, military industries and technological development companies.

Russian presidential Spokesman (Kremlin), Dmitry Peskov, confirmed earlier this month that the Kremlin has no doubt that the sanctions imposed on Russia will continue for many years and that the United States will continue to pressure Russia.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency