Thirty four terrorists killed in a military operation deep into the Anbar desert

BAGHDAD / � Thirty four terrorists were killed in a military operation deep into the Anbar desert.

The Military Media Cell in a press statement that the forces of the Command of the Island Operations of the seventh division and the brigade of commandos and tribal crowd, carried out with the support of the Air Force and the International Coalition aircraft, an operation in the depth of the desert, 40 km north of Qadisiyah Lake towards Rawa, and south of Euphrates River towards Rihana and Anna, and towards the warehouses of Haditha equipment and Wadi Houran. "

"The 48-hour operation, which was successful, was carried out in preparation for the release of Rawa and Anna in the near future."

"The cell pointed out that the operation resulted in the killing of 34 terrorists, most of them wearing explosive belts, the destruction of three car bombs and the destruction of two armed vehicles, the seizure of a vehicle carrying an anti-aircraft machine, the dismantling of 70 explosive devices and the destruction of piles of equipment, explosives and boats used by terrorists to cross between River banks ". /End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency