Three ISIS elements were killed, including two leaders, in an air strike south of Hatra

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the killing of 3 members of ISIS terrorist gangs, including two leaders, in an air force strike south of Hatra.

In a statement, the Cell said, “In response to the recent cowardly and treacherous terrorist acts, and through field follow-up and intensification of the intelligence efforts of the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency in the Ministry of Interior, and the cell of the Joint Operations Command, two leaders of ISIS terrorist gangs were monitored and followed up, the nicknamed terrorist Abu Essam, who occupies the position of the so-called official of the Tigris sector and the criminal terrorist Abu Mahmoud, they were riding a pickup truck and were wearing two explosive belts, and they were accompanied by a third terrorist.

It added, the Air Force aviation was provided with this information, which in turn directed an accurate air strike on them south of Hatra, which led to the complete destruction of the vehicle and the killing of whoever was inside it.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency