Three Syrians burned to death in western Turkey


Istanbul Turkish media revealed details of the burning of three Syrian youths on November 16, by a Turkish citizen, in the Güzelbahce district of Izmir, western Turkey.

Turkish media quoted human rights activist Taha al-Ghazi as saying that the three Syrian youths, Mamoun al-Nabhan, 23, Ahmed al-Ali, 21, and Muhammad al-Bish, 17, were set on fire by a Turkish citizen after he poured gasoline into the young men’s room at dawn and set it on fire while they were sleeping.

It said that there was no enmity or quarrels between the perpetrator and the Syrian youth before the incident, and that he did it with purely racist motives, according to what he said when questioned by the Turkish police.

It is reported that the three young men work in a workshop for the manufacture of stone for the sidewalks.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency