Baghdad First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, chaired today, Sunday, an expanded meeting of the Parliamentary Transport and Communications Committee, in the presence of the technical undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and the director of the General Company for Iraqi Ports.

The meeting was devoted to discussing the Kuwaiti transgressions on the Khor Abdullah channel, and reviewing the provisions of the joint minutes signed between Iraq and Kuwait and their compatibility with the agreement regulating maritime navigation between the two countries, through the formation of a joint committee that works to implement the terms of the agreement and draw up joint plans for maritime safety.

Al-Mandalawi renewed his rejection and denunciation of the repeated Kuwaiti violations of Iraqi waters, calling on the government to take appropriate measures to prevent them, including voting on the base map, dealing in accordance with international charters and agreements to guarantee Iraq’s water rights, and taking diplomatic and legal measures in this regard, as well as holding accountable those whose negligence is proven in this file .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency