The General Company for Cereal Trade in the Ministry of Commerce announced that the branches of the Kirkuk branch will continue to receive the local wheat trucks of the first class from Sailo Al Kut as part of the transportation plan approved by the marketing department in the company.

This was confirmed by the Director General of the company Eng. Naeem Moheisen Jaber, explaining that “the technical staffs in the Kirkuk Silo continue to receive the local wheat of the first degree and brought to the branch of Silo Kut to strengthen the balance of the province of wheat.

Referring to the withdrawal of laboratory models by the inspectors of quality control in the branch to ensure that they meet the required specifications.

On the other hand, Jabr pointed to the receipt of Kirkuk silos loaded with trucks loaded and loaded with Vietnamese rice material allocated to the ration card.

Saying that the branch continues to equip the mills and civil government mix wheat allocated to support the ration card items through the processing of mills by that article.

Source: Ministry of Trade, Republic of Iraq