Trump: Qataris Are Known For Funding Terrorism. We May Move Our Military Base From Their Country

Baghdad - US President Donald Trump said the Qataris are known for funding terrorism, and we may move our military base from their country if we have to."

"The Qataris are known for the financing of terrorism and if we are forced to leave the military base in Qatar, we will find 10 countries willing to build a military base instead of those in Qatar," he said in an interview with CBN / News.

"Rich countries can not be allowed to fatten the monster that is terrorism," Trump said.

Trump had previously criticized Qatar, calling on it to stop supporting terrorism, saying Doha had a history of supporting extremism at the highest level.

Countries led by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have cut ties with Qatar because of their support for terrorism, as well as rapprochement with Iran and undermining Arab security.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency