Turkey _The Kurdistan Workers’ Party is the common enemy of Turkey, Iraq and the Kurdistan Region

Baghdad The Turkish Consulate General in Erbil expressed, on Saturday, its solidarity with the authorities of northern Iraq in the fight against the terrorist organization “PKK”.

This came in a statement published by the Turkish consulate’s account on Twitter, commenting on the martyrdom of 5 members of the Peshmerga forces in an ambush by PKK militants in the Dohuk governorate, northern Iraq.

The statement added: We regret the killing of 5 Peshmerga members and the injury of 4 others in the terrorist attack launched by the terrorist PKK today (Saturday).

It stressed that the terrorist PKK is the common enemy of Turkey, Iraq and the northern Iraqi region, and we stand by the region’s authorities in taking steps to combat this common threat.

It is noteworthy that the PKK organization takes the Qandil Mountains in northern Iraq as its stronghold, and is active in many Iraqi cities and towns, and occupies 515 Kurdish villages, according to a statement by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency