Turkey expresses its annoyance at the recent Arab League decisions

Istanbul Turkey expressed its annoyance and its absolute rejection of the decisions issued against it at the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League, which was held yesterday, Thursday, in Cairo.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement today, Friday: “We completely reject the baseless allegations against our country, contained in the decisions of the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Arab League held on September 9.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry stressed that some Arab League countries continue their usual accusations against Turkey, “a matter of no value to the friendly and brotherly Arab peoples,” according to the statement.

In its statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that those countries that accuse Turkey of doing so in order to cover up their “own ambitions and agendas.

She also stressed that insisting on these positions (issued by the Arab League) that do not benefit anyone is not in line with the positive steps that have been taken in the region in recent times.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry indicated that it is clear that some members of the Arab League opposed those decisions or placed their reservations about them.

It stressed that Turkey, through its principled and firm stances, is at the forefront of countries that are making the greatest effort to preserve the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Arab countries.

It pointed out that Turkey is struggling against threats to its national security and interests within the framework of international law, and that making this matter a subject of criticism in the decisions of the Arab League is unacceptable.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry called on the Arab League to get rid of such useless approaches, and focus on the prosperity and well-being of the Arab people.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency