Istanbul – The Director General of Foreign Relations and European Union Affairs at the Turkish Ministry of Health, Salami Kilic, announced that his country is in the process of establishing two field hospitals in Egypt to treat the wounded coming from the Gaza Strip.

Kilic said in a press interview today that Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca continues his contacts with all international institutions, especially the World Health Organization, regarding delivering aid to Gaza.

He stressed that the Turkish aid directed to Gaza arrived at the Egyptian Al-Arish Airport as a result of the “close cooperation” demonstrated by the Egyptian authorities and the coordination and cooperation existing between the Turkish and Egyptian Ministers of Health.

He pointed out that the Turkish relief teams are “the only ones that have arrived so far in the field,” due to the failure of other international institutions and organizations to obtain the necessary approvals.

He explained that they are going to the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza, to explore the area before building a Turkish field hospital near it, and that they are planning to establish a second field hospital at the Egyptian Arish Airport, and both field hospitals will be dedicated to treating the wounded and injured coming from the Gaza Strip.

For his part, Aray Chinar, Director General of Emergency Health Services at the Turkish Ministry of Health, said that they were keen to bring medical equipment for children and infants as part of the medical aid directed to Gaza, due to the presence of large numbers of injured children in the Strip. /End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency