Turkish Army Kills 30 Terrorists From Daesh In northern Syria

BAGHDAD / Turkish Army announced the killing of 30 terrorists from "Daesh" and targeted 231 targets for the organization of northern Syria, "the shield of the Euphrates." process

According to a statement issued by the Turkish Chief of Staff today, "the artillery attack 207 targets for" Daesh "in northern Syria, while the Turkish Air Force bombed 24 targets for the terrorist organization in Bab, Bzaah and Tadef areas "(North), and destroying 20 buildings used by the organization as shelters, and 4 places for booby-trapping car bombs and anti-aircraft platforms and mortars.

The statement pointed to the implementation of the international coalition fighter jets raids on "Daesh" sites in Bab city , which destroyed a tunnel for the organization, noting that "the operations have resulted in the killing of 30 terrorists from Daesh" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency