Turkish Defense Minister: We Will Not Allow Sinjar To Become A Terrorist Haven

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Baghdad, “We will not allow the Sinjar district of Iraq to become a haven for terrorists like Qandil,” said Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, reiterating his country’s keenness to confront all terrorist organizations threatening it at home and abroad.

“The issues of defense and security must be outside the political strife in Turkey, and the common denominator of all the political parties in the country must be the people and the nation as a whole,” he said in a speech to the parliament during a budget debate for the Defense Ministry.

He pointed out that the Turkish armed forces continue, inside and outside the border, its war against all dangers and threats facing the country.

“The aim of these operations is to preserve the independence of the nation, its sovereignty, the territorial integrity of Turkey and its security,” he said, added “These operations will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized.”

“We hope the Iraqi government will cooperate with us to end the PKK presence in Iraqi territory,” Minister Akar said.

He added, “In this regard, I want to acknowledge the importance of our respect for political unity and territorial integrity in Iraq, Syria and all our neighbors, but our operations will continue until all the places where the PKK exist are cleared for the security of our country and our people.”

In the same context, on December 13, an air strike was carried out against terrorist hideouts in Sinjar and Qaraj Mountain, in northern Iraq, which are used as a base by terrorists.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency