Turkish Defense Ministry Announces Its Warplanes Destroyed 80 PKK Positions In In Northern Iraq And Syria

Istanbul The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced, this evening, Wednesday, the destruction of 80 sites in 3 regions, with the participation of about 60 combat aircraft, as part of Operation Winter Eagle, which it carried out yesterday, Tuesday, in northern Iraq and Syria.

In a statement, the Turkish Defense stated: The Turkish armed forces destroyed hideouts, dens, fortifications, caves, ammunition depots, command headquarters and training camps used by terrorists in Derik-Al-Malikiyah areas in northern Syria, Sinjar and Qarajiq in northern Iraq.

The statement clarified that only PKK sites and what is associated with them were targeted during the operation, which showed great sensitivity during its planning and implementation, as was the case in previous operations, in order to avoid civilian casualties.

It noted that a large proportion of homemade munitions were used during the operation, in which utmost consideration was given to the safety of civilian life and property, as well as to the protection of the environment.

In its statement, the Turkish Defense indicated that fighter jets and drones launched from 6 military bases that participated in Operation Winter Eagle, and that it successfully and simultaneously targeted terrorist sites in Qarajiq at a depth of 165 km, Sinjar, at a depth of 85 km from the Iraqi border, and at a depth of 9 km from the Syrian border. “.

It also confirmed the bombing of a building that was used by PKK officials to hold meetings.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced this morning the implementation of a large-scale air operation called “Winter Eagle” against the PKK militants and their headquarters in the areas of Al-Malikiyah – Derik, Sinjar and Qarajiq, which were used as PKK’s bases in northern Iraq and Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency