Turkish warplanes bomb the Jumanki district in Amadiyah district in Dohuk

Baghdad Turkish warplanes launched several raids on Friday afternoon targeting the villages of Atush and Bebadi in the Jumanki district in Dohuk governorate.

The Director of Jumanki district, Al-Nad Amir, said in a press statement, “Turkish planes continued from 12:30 in the afternoon until one and five minutes by bombing the villages of Atush and Bebadi, which are five kilometers away from the center of Jumanki district.”

Amir emphasized that “the bombing did not result in loss of life, but there are material damage and fires in the farmers’ farms,” noting that “the residents of the villages were displaced from it due to the continuous bombing, but they go to it for agricultural work.”

He added, “Because of the presence of PKK elements within the borders of these areas and villages, the Turkish planes bombed continuously, which caused constant terror and fear among the civilians of the area. “

Source: National Iraqi News Agency