Two caches to Daesh destroyed northwest of Kirkuk

Human Rights

KIRKUK, Commander of the second special operations, Commander of the law enforcement plan announced the destruction of two caches for terrorist Daesh, and the killing of six terrorists northwest of Kirkuk.

Major General Maan al-Saadi said that intelligence information led to the destruction of a terrorist camp near the Dibs Heights a week ago and the killing of six terrorists by a direct air strike by the International Coalition Aircraft, killing 19 terrorists and destroying a 500-meter tunnel.

He said that the two terrorist caches including the leaders of Daesh, urging and planning attacks in the liberated areas and the center of the city of Kirkuk.

He continued: “We will reveal to the people of Kirkuk with all their components pictures and achievements of the heroes to pursue the terror of the preacher and terrorist cells in the city of Kirkuk and criminal gangs that have been eliminated and dismantled and submitted to the judiciary.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency