Two elements of the Daesh killed in an ambush northeast of Baquba

Ba'quba - Brigade 24 of the Popular Mobilization announced the killing of two elements of Daesh in a security ambush in northeast of Baquba.

Major General Ziad al-Tamimi told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that a force of the popular crowd had set up a security ambush in Mansuriyah district, northeast of Baquba, after receiving intelligence about the existence of a terrorist group trying to plant explosive devices on the main road leading to Mansouriyeh camp Northeast of Baquba, and the force managed to kill two members of the group after chasing them, seizing a motorcycle, explosives and mobile devices used to detonate improvised explosive devices.

He added that a reinforcement security force arrived in the area and began a combing operation with the support of the 24th Brigade of the popular crowd to track the dormitory cells, which resulted in the arrest of 6 suspects.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency