The US State Department has "made a determination," approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Iraq, estimated at USD 150 million, for Follow-On Technical Support (FOTS), for US origin Navy vessels, and a ship repair facility, it was announced, Tuesday.

The Defence Security Cooperation Agency, said in statement, that, it delivered the required certification, notifying Congress of this possible sale today, affirming, "there will be no adverse impact on US defence readiness, as a result of this proposed sale."

It stressed that the proposed sale "will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States, by helping to provide for a stable, sovereign, and democratic Iraq, capable of combating terrorism and protecting its people and sovereignty."

It added that, the proposed sale of (FOTS) "will increase the Iraq Navy's material and operational readiness," and that Iraq "will have no difficulty absorbing this support into its armed forces."

The Agency indicated that the implementation of this proposed sale will require "annual trips to Iraq and in-country presence, involving US Government and contractor representatives, for technical reviews, support and oversight for approximately three years

Source: NAM News Network