The United States will play a leading role, in the Feb 12 Iraqi reconstruction conference, hosted by Kuwait, US Ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Silliman, revealed, on Wednesday.

In a press statement, the ambassador said that, his country is currently planning to carry out some key investment projects in Iraq, that includes the rehabilitation of the international road between Baghdad and the port of Trebil, bordering Jordan, west of Iraq.

The project will secure jobs, mainly for Al-Anbar province residents, and will not be funded by the Iraqi government, he added.

Next week will witness the announcement of another project in southern Iraq, to invest associated petroleum gas (APG) from oilfields, he said.

Silliman noted that, the two schemes are an investment example that Washington is seeking to implement in Iraq.

Kuwait is set to host the conference between Feb 12-14, with a big international participation expected

Source: NAM News Network