The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) is deeply concerned by the current wave of attacks targeting political party offices, residences as well as businesses in Iraq, and most recently the rocket attack on Baghdad International Airport.

These despicable attacks have caused injuries and material damage, harming peaceful citizens whose only wish is to go about their daily lives without fear of attack or death.

Although strongly condemned across the political spectrum, the perpetrators and rogue groups behind these callous attacks appear to enjoy impunity, acting recklessly and exposing the country to disastrous consequences.

It is therefore essential that all stakeholders move beyond condemnations and swiftly pull together to expose those behind it. At the same time, dialogue must be intensified to find solutions to any political dispute.

Once again, all stakeholders are called upon to exercise restraint and avoid falling into the trap of creating chaos amid a critical yet delicate transitional period.


Source: United Nations Iraq