UNESCO Announces The Start Of The 2nd Phase Of Reconstructing Al-Tahira Church And Hawsh Al-Baya’a In Mosul

Mosul The UNESCO announced from inside the old city the start of the second phase of the reconstruction works of Al-Tahira Church and Hawsh Al-Baya’a (The House of Allegiance) in the old city of Mosul.

The engineer supervising the reconstruction, Anas Zayed, told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “the engineering teams dedicated to the reconstruction of the church and Hawsh Al Baya’a have started the second phase of the reconstruction campaign, which includes strengthening the ancient archaeological parts inside the church and Hawsh Al-Baya’a with the restoration of its destroyed parts.”

Zayed added that “the teams that have begun to reconstruct the church, which is one of the archaeological monuments in Mosul, will continue its reconstruction campaign without any stop or delay until the completion of its work.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency