Baghdad The United Nations Cultural and Scientific Organization “UNESCO” decided to withdraw the port of the British city of Liverpool from the World Heritage List, and expressed concerns about excessive development projects that would lose the site’s originality.

During a meeting of the World Heritage Committee of the organization chaired by China, 13 delegates voted in favor of the proposal to withdraw the port located in the northwest of England from the list, against the rejection of 5 members, which is more than the two-thirds majority required to withdraw a site from the World Heritage List.

UNESCO had started the 44th expanded session of the World Heritage Committee in China on July 16, according to a statement issued by the organization, which said that the work of the session will continue online until July 31, and the 21-member committee during its session will consider in particular the state of conservation of 255 sites already inscribed on the World Heritage List, 53 of which are also inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency