UNHCR Jordan: Community Based Protection Dashboard (October – December and year-end 2022)


84 helpdesks, reaching almost 400 in 2022, were organised by UNHCR, together with outreach missions to Community Support Committees (CSCs) to facilitate engagement with refugees who face challenges in reaching UNHCR premises or other channels

10 community dialogues through the year were facilitated by UNHCR and WFP and were joined by 226 female and male refugees from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Yemen, as well as host community members from 12 governorates, to discuss assistance for refugees and challenges

1,642 refugees and Jordanians benefited for the 81 activities conducted by the Women Empowerment network in Amman, Maan, Mafraq and Irbid governorates to further strengthen women’s empowerment and community participation.

2,321 services provided to refugees and host community members with specific needs requirements in and out of camps by UNHCR partners NHF and Azem, reaching a total of over 16,400 throughout 2022

Some 31 Community Support Committees (CSCs) across Jordan in and out of camps, managed by refugee and host community volunteers, continued to form the backbone of UNHCR’s communication with refugee communities

491 on-site and online social, cultural, educational, recreational, self-development and activities (over 3,700 in 2022) were organised by CSCs in and out of camps.Over 80,000 refugees and host community members reached through UNHCR’s information sharing and two-way communication platforms (CSCs, social media, WhatsApp groups, online magazines, etc.) to ensure the sharing of reliable, accurate and timely information as well as feedback mechanisms

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees