UNICEF In Iraq Issues A Statement Regarding The Bombing Of The Green Zone

Baghdad UNICEF in Iraq issued today, Friday, a statement regarding the bombing of the Green Zone yesterday, calling for the protection of schools and homes.

“Children are protected from attacks at all times, and schools and homes are always safe,” said the organization’s representative, Shema Sen Gupta, in a statement.

She wished a speedy recovery for the injured child and woman, stressing that nothing justifies attacks on civilians, including children and women.

UNICEF called on all parties to “fulfill their obligations under international law to protect children at all times,” noting that “all children in Iraq deserve to live their lives without the constant threat of violence.”

The organization stressed “the need to protect schools as a place and a haven for children to learn and realize their potential.”

It continued, “The attacks on schools and educational facilities are one of six grave violations against children.”

It added: “According to the Safe Schools Declaration, approved by Iraq in May 2015, attacks on schools endanger students and education staff, deprive large numbers of children and students of their right to education, and thus deprive communities of the foundations on which to build their future.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency