Urgent .. 16 People Killed And Wounded In a Terrorist Act, South of Najaf

Najaf / 16 people were killed and wounded due to armed confrontation between gunmen and a checkpoint south of Najaf today.

A security source told the National Iraqi News Agency / that "a black car type (GXR) carrying a number of armed men opened fire from machine guns / PKC / and a Kalashnikov at citizens in Shaalan market near a security checkpoint in Qadisiyah district south of Najaf after being stopped by the security services, thinking a tribal dispute.

He added that two suicide bombers blew themselves up, killing and wounding 16 people as primary outcome.

It is mentioned that Najaf has witnessed, since the first hours today, tight security measures , including a complete closure to the old city, where the shrine of Imam Ali and the offices of the religious authorities.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency