Urgent … Hammoudi To : Turkey Apologizes For Participation In Baghdad Conference

Baghdad / Deputy Speaker, Humam Hammoudi announced that Turkey apologized to participate in the Baghdad dialogue conference.

Hammoudi said in response to a question from the National Iraqi News Agency / today during a press conference that "Turkey apologized for the presence because it concerns to vote on amending the Constitution, while members of the Saudi embassy in Baghdad Conference will participate in the conference "

He added, "We are going to meet with the security and defense committee and parliamentary committees that have a point of view on the holding of the conference because the Conference is for dialogue and not for strife and boycott ."

It is said that the parliamentary defense and security committee has decided to boycott the Baghdad conference for dialogue, in protest at the invitation of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to the personalities and officials involved the fall of Mosul and corruption cases.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency