Urgent .. Head Of Ahrar Bloc Informs Bloc’s Members, Sadr’s Refusal To Their Participation In The Elections

Najaf, The head of the Ahrar Bloc Zia al-Asadi said he met with the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, and he (Moqtada) informed him his directives to inform the members of Ahrar bloc in the state Sadr's refusal their participation in the next elections.

Al-Asadi said in a statement: "He informed the members of the Ahrar bloc Sadr's directives through a letter confirming that" all the brothers and sisters who worked as executive or legislative in Ahrar bloc are not allowed to participate in the upcoming elections. "

Al-Asadi said in his letter to the Ahrar members, "His Eminence directed that the next four years will be rest or work for everyone who worked in the Ahrar bloc or work in nongovernmental or executive or legislative action."

He added, "The leader also directed the possibility of resuming political work, and building the political institution and prepare for the next four years, after the elections, which is subject to conditions and data."

Al-Asadi pointed out in his message that "the bloc supported by Moqtada and the masses of the Sadrist movement is the national mass and should not cross with it and there are parties in charge of cooperation with it and management of its work (other than Ahrar bloc)."

"The brothers and sisters who have special grades working in state institutions will have a special arrangement and they will have a political cover, so we ask them not to hurry."

Al-Asadi concluded his message to the members of the Ahrar bloc saying: "We ask all the brothers and sisters of the legislators, deputies and members of the provincial councils and the governors and their deputies to sign a letter to the Leader of the Sadr movement (Moqtada), saying that the Ahrar bloc and its workers will not apply for the next elections in implementation of the directives of our leadership, and this message will be prepared and submitted to everyone to sign it. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency