URGENT: Iraq signs $1 billion USD contract to buy Russian weapons

rocket launcher model of TOS 1 URGENT: Iraq signs $1 billion USD contract to buy Russian weapons

Rocket launcher, model of TOS-1. File photo.

(IraqiNews.com) On Wednesday Russian newspaper revealed that Iraq signed a contract worth $1 billion USD with Russia for the supply of weapons, noting that the contract was concluded during the visit of the Defense Minister, Saadoun al-Dulaimi to Moscow last week.

The Russian newspaper “Vedomosti” said,in its edition issued today, that “a new batch of Russian weapons started to arrive in Iraq.”

The newspaper quoted on sources in the Russian military-industrial complex confirmed that “during a visit by an Iraqi delegation to Moscow last week under the chairmanship of the Minister of Defense Saadoun al-Dulaimi, contracts were signed worth more than one billion dollars relating to the supply of large batches of Russian arms to Iraq, including artillery systems, guns mortar and ammunition, including 4 rocket launchers, model of “TOS-1″.

The newspaper added that “Russia will sell to Iraq 2-3 battalions of Grad rocket launchers, a large amount of mortars, anti-tank missiles and other”.

The newspaper indicated that “the Russian Defense Ministry said – in a statement – that the main objective of the visit of the Iraqi defense minister to Moscow was military-technical cooperation.”

It is noteworthy that Iraq had bought in last June 5 Russian fighter jets “Sukhoi -25″, and he is in talks about the purchase of 10 fighter jets, “Sukhoi – 27-30.”

Today, the United States announced the sale of 5,000 missiles to Iraq as part of a weapons deal valued at $700 million dollars while indicating that 180 Lockhead Martin “Hellfire” missiles have already been transferred this year and 360 more “Hellfire” missiles will be delivered in August:

URGENT: US sells 5,000 missiles to Iraq in $700 million USD weapons deal/

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