US Central Command: The Int’l Coalition Will Stay In Iraq And Syria To Prevent The Emergence Of “Daesh” Again

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Coalition forces will continue to stay in Iraq and Syria to stabilize the country and prevent any new appearance of Daesh “ISIS” organization, the commander of the US Central Command Joseph Votel said, warning that Daesh might move to fragile areas like Yemen and Libya.

“We have to acknowledge the great sacrifices made by our partners in Iraq in fighting Daesh, indeed, they have made great sacrifices to liberate main cities from (ISIS),” Votel told NINA about the fate of the international coalition forces after ending and defeating Daesh in Iraq, added “We and the countries of the world are grateful to Iraq for its sacrifices and its efforts to continue the war with all its courage and the coalition, in all its parts, insists to pursue this war until completely ending Daesh in Syria and Iraq.”

“The United States will continue to support Syria’s democratic forces and Iraq to ensure stability in the region and to prevent the return of the terrorist organization,” he said, adding that “the recent victory over Daesh explained that there is a possibility of progress in the region and solve many thorny issues through transparent relations between countries.

He added, “Despite the efforts to ensure stability in the country, but the needs exceed the existing resources available, therefore there is an immediate and urgent need to help the Iraqi people rebuild and ensure stability in the war-devastated region. Otherwise we will see that we will fight terrorist forces again in the future and we will not be able to reduce and prevent tension, which often leads to new terrorist operations in the future. “

“International coalition forces will also remove the remnants of war from mines and others, open roads for humanitarian access by international organizations to provide relief to those in need, ruling out any clash with Turkey as part of Turkey’s” olive branch “operation.

“Some al-Qaeda and Daesh terrorist groups have been spotted and are heading towards areas of great instability on the ground, predicted, with Daesh defeat in Syria and Iraq, to see an increasing appearance of these organizations in areas of Yemen that are not under the control of the government, in areas in Afghanistan and Libya, which lie outside government control.

He pointed out that “these organizations seek fragile societies and exploit the conditions to spread their ideas and impose their control, stressing that with the end of military operations in Syria and Iraq, there must be a guarantee of local governments to end their differences, as well as the need to prevent internal differences that provide the best environment for the terrorist organizations.”

“Turkey has a legitimate concern to ensure the security of its borders and there is cooperation with Turkey to achieve this goal,” he said.

The US general described Turkey as a partner of the United States in NATO, stressing that joint coordination is always underway between the two countries to avoid confrontation between US and Turkish forces in Syria, especially with reports of Turkish troops heading towards Manbaj, headquarters of US forces, after the end of its operations in Afrin.

On the Iranian threats in the region, the General launched an attack on Iran to its intervene in Yemen by providing weapons and rockets to the Houthis, confirming “The United States has continued concern from this aspect, especially as the Houthis pose a continuing threat through Iranian weapons and attempts to control a number of countries such as Bahrain. Tehran is also a constant threat to the Strait of Hormuz, and the United States is following all these threats with great concern, “he said.

General Joseph has visited the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Afghanistan.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency