US forces are moving their war equipment from the base of Qayara to Ayn al-Assad

BAGHDAD / � The US forces moved their military equipment from the base of Qayara, west of Mosul, to the base of Ayn al-Assad, west of Anbar province.

"The transfer of US forces from the Qayara base to the air base of Ain al-Assad began with the arrival of warplanes loaded with soldiers and military equipment in conjunction with the end of the military operations in Mosul," said the leader of the tribal mobilization in Anbar province, Qatari al-Obeidi.

"The arrival of these forces to the base of Ain al-Assad coincided with the security preparations to break into areas west of Anbar and liberate them from the crowd," Al-Obeidi said.

He explained that "this process raises questions that the security forces and the forces that support them stationed in the areas west of Anbar sufficient to achieve the final victory on the outskirts of the western district of the province."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency