US Joint Chiefs of Staff predicts civil war in Afghanistan

Baghdad The US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, said that the existing conditions in Afghanistan could lead to the outbreak of a civil war.

Milley added in an interview with the US television network “Fox”: “I do not know whether the Taliban movement is capable of establishing a rule and uniting power.”

He added, “I believe that there is at least a high probability of a large-scale civil war, which in turn will create conditions that could in fact lead to the re-formation of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda or the growth of the terrorist organization Daesh or a myriad of terrorist groups.”

He continued, “It is imperative for the US administration to re-establish intelligence networks that support the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, in addition to the need to continue carrying out military operations in the event of any threat to the United States.”

Milley stressed the urgent need to maintain very high levels of military alert, escort, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering throughout the region.”

About the speed of the Afghan army’s collapse in front of the “Taliban” elements, which he described as surprising and unexpected, he said: “The lessons learned are that the Afghan army forces were not adequately designed for their tasks.”

The United States announced last week that it had completed the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan to end about 20 years of war there.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency