US Official: Sovereign Loan For Iraq Is Part Of The Cooperation Of a Joint Ambition to Better Life and Future Of Iraqi People

BAGHDAD / The charge d'affaires at the US embassy in Baghdad, Stephanie Williams confirmed that "The sovereign loan for Iraq is a part of common aspiration cooperation for better life and future for the Iraqi people."

She said in her speech during the signing of a sovereign loan granted to Iraq from the United States that "the agreement is an invest in the future of Iraq and the United States is pleased to have the opportunity to support Iraqi government in improving the lives of the people and their future ."

She added, "The agreement is not injected funds to cover the deficit, but the process is part of an ambitious collaboration aims to develop the economic foundation of the most versatile in jobs, which is a challenge for the government after passing the current crisis."

She explained that "creating jobs for young people is a big challenge to the Iraqi government as well as to prepare the credit for the International Monetary Fund and the loan of the World Bank's development and the United States will assist in this."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency