Washington is waving to retreat from its promise to Ankara

BAGHDAD - US Defense Secretary James Matisse left open the possibility of continuing arming Syria's Kurds even after the liberation of al-Raqqa from the Daesh organization, hinting at a possible retreat from US promises to Ankara.

Journalists who boarded the US Defense Secretary's plane during his trip to Germany quoted Matisse as saying that it may be necessary to provide longer-term assistance to the Kurdish People's Protection Units even after Al-Raqqa has been recovered from the grip of Daesh.

"We will do what we can," the Minister told reporters when asked about the US pledge to recover weapons sent to Syria's Kurds.

At the same time, Matisse pointed out that PKK fighters were well armed even before the United States decided last month to provide more specialized equipment for its attack on al-Raqqa.

He added that the battle against the terrorist organization will continue even after the restoration of Al-Raqqa.

On a question if the Kurdish People's Protection Units would return to the levels of armament before the fight in Raqqa after the end of the fighting, Matisse said: "Well, we'll see ... it depends on the next task.

Turkey has announced that Matisse assured them in a letter that the United States will reclaim the weapons it provided to the Kurdish People's Protection Units immediately after the defeat of the "Daesh" organization in al-Raqqa.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency