We are preparing to launch the latest attack against Daesh in the right side of Mosul

BAGHDAD / The Commander of the Anti-terrorism Force, Major General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi said that the units were in the process of launching the latest attack against Daesh in a military position on the right side of the old city of Mosul.

" Al-Asadi told the National Iraqi News Agency that the last attempt by Daesh gangs to rid some of their leaders was totally failed, adding we have appealed to them either to surrender or to die,"referring to continued displacement of the civilian population.

He added that "the distance separating the anti-terrorist units from the last site of the gathering of the elements of Daesh does not exceed 700-750 meters and does not mean anything within the military accounts," noting that "the forces of the anti-terrorism force arrested a number of Daesh local fighters on the right side of the Old City who tried infiltrate with the displaced people .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency