Weapons And Ammunition Seized North Of Baghdad

Baghdad A joint force seized weapons and ammunition north of Baghdad.

The Baghdad Operations Command stated in a statement: A force from the 22nd Brigade of the Sixth Infantry Division, in conjunction with the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency detachments, seized a stack of weapons, ammunition, explosive materials and damaged war remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs north of Baghdad.

It added: The stack contained an explosive device, (8) grenades with (420) ammunition rounds of different sizes and types, a 14.5mm machine gun and another 12.7mm, two 14.5mm machine guns, an AK rifle and three gear containers.

The command explained: The explosive control experts were able to treat (4) hand grenades left in a garbage dump in “Al-Sulaikh” area, east of Baghdad, after it was reported by the cleaners.

It indicated: A force from the Fourth Brigade, the Federal Police, began to intervene to resolve a clan dispute that erupted between two tribes in Sadr City, and one of the parties to the conflict was arrested, as he was found in possession of an RBG7 launcher, (3) assault grenades and two rifles.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency