Weapons Suppliers To ISIS Hideouts Arrested In Nineveh And Kirkuk

Baghdad Military intelligence has overthrown the arms suppliers of ISIS hideouts in Nineveh and Kirkuk and seized 247,000 dollars.

A statement by the Directorate stated that, with qualitative preemptive operations carried out according to accurate information of the Military Intelligence Directorate in the Ministry of Defense, it confirmed the presence of two terrorists in the governorates of Nineveh and Kirkuk working within an administrative network whose mission is to supply ISIS dens with the required weapons. A detachment from the same directorate moved towards its goals and arrested one of the terrorists in Al-Intisar neighborhood in Nineveh Governorate, while the other was arrested in Daquq area in Kirkuk with 247,000 US dollars in their possession. They are wanted by the judiciary under an arrest warrant in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency