In Numbers

31,273 people assisted in October 2022

346 MT of food assistance distributed

US$ 118,320 distributed through cash-based transfers

US$ 1.5 m six-months net funding requirements (November 2022 – April 2023)

Operational Updates

In October, WFP reached 31,273 beneficiaries including 30,653 refugees and 620 Iranian teachers as per the monthly target under unconditional resource transfers (URT), of whom 8,769 were women, 9,017 men, 6,437 girls, and 7,050 boys. The refugees were assisted with a total of 346 MT of fortified wheat flour (9 kg per person per month) and vegetable oil (900 cc per person per month).

By providing supplementary rations and maintaining monthly assistance to the refugees through a combination of cash and food, WFP is reducing the economic impact on beneficiaries caused by the Ukraine crisis in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as surging inflation and rising food prices.

WFP cash entitlements are transferred at the beginning of each month to the debit cards issued in the names of the refugee heads of household. Households headed by refugee women received Iranian Rials (IRR) 1,200,000 (US$ 4.5) per person per month, and households headed by refugee men received IRR 1,000,000 (US$ 3.7) per person per month.

Following the re-opening of schools, distribution of School Feeding items resumed in October reaching 8,463 students and their teachers.

Distribution of cash incentives for refugee girls will resume in November due to late school registration.

WFP will continue to provide food assistance in the form of dry foods and ready-to-eat meals for the new arrivals from Afghanistan.

Source: World Food Programme