Baghdad Director of Regional Health Emergencies, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Richard Brennan, announced that a plan has been drawn up to enhance the health situation in the Gaza Strip, estimated at 7 million dollars, that will be provided in the areas of injury and emergency and provide training and assistance for psychosocial health care.

Brennan said during a press conference, that aid was provided to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, with the establishment of 10 camps throughout the Strip, and it succeeded in providing 240 thousand dollars to provide essential medicines needed for the injured and citizens in the Strip, and a medical mission was also prepared to provide special medical supplies in light of the Corona virus pandemic. In addition to providing a budget of 224,000 dollars for a medical facility in East Quds, and providing fuel for ambulances to make it easier to rescue the injured. ”

He indicated that an aid amounting to 11 million dollars has been allocated, which will be provided during the next three months, provided by the United Nations, to support the medical sector in the Gaza Strip in light of the current crisis.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency