Lattakia, Poems glorified love of homeland and its victories in the poetry festival which held at Dar al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia under the title “Echo of Love for Culture and Victory”.

Poets from several provinces along with poets from Iraq participated in the festival to share joy of victories with the Syrian people on the occasion of the success of the election and the winning of Dr. Bashar al-Assad to the post of President of the Republic amid large attendance.

The festival included a poetry competition, in which 30 poets participated in it,and recited poems whose subjects varied between patriotic, Sentimental , and zajal.

Head of the festival’s higher committee, Muhammad al-Kindi, from Iraq, said in a statement to SANA reporter that the presidential election reflected the Syrian people’s awareness and their support for their leadership and army, which achieved victories against terrorism and its backers.

He Pointed out to key role of poets in spreading cultural awareness among young people via festivals, seminars and lectures.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency