With the document… collecting parliamentary signatures to investigate the facts regarding Kuwaiti violations of Iraq’s sovereignty

Baghdad, MP for the Sadiqoun bloc, Uday Awad, announced today, Tuesday, the collection of parliamentary signatures to form a fact-finding committee regarding Kuwaiti violations of Iraqi sovereignty, calling on the government to take a firm stance to respond to these violations and preserve the country’s wealth.

An official document showed that MP Uday Awad submitted a request to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, accompanied by 50 parliamentary signatures, to form a fact-finding committee and take the necessary measures against Kuwaiti violations of Iraq’s sovereignty, the most recent of which was drilling an oil well in the common and internationally forbidden border area with the aim of causing damage to the oil wealth of the Iraqi people.

Awad called on the Presidency of Parliament to oblige the government to take a governmental and international position to stop these violations and remove them, stressing that this matter falls within the government’s duties in accordance with Iraqi law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency