Yar Allah summarizes the operational position of the operation / O, we are coming, Nineveh / for today

BAGHDAD / Commander of Operations / O, we are coming, Nineveh / Gen. Abdul Amir Rasheed Yar Allah briefed the operational position for this Saturday.

A statement by the war media cell quoted that Yar Allah as saying that "in the south-west axis , the forces of the federal police continued inspections and clearing of buildings and roads of improvised explosive devices, and in the eastern axis, the forces of the division 9 and the third Brigade of the first division crossing into the neighborhoods of Al-Naser, New Mufti, Al-Salam, Younis Sabawi and Palestine , and continues clearing roads and buildings of the areas. "

He added that "at the center of Zab, the forces of the ninth Armored Division, and Nineveh Operations Command persists clearing the liberated areas, while the Anti-terrorism in the eastern Axis forces continued the operation of clearing the liberated areas and completing the neighborhoods of Al-Baker, and Al-Zuhour in full and the number of neighborhoods cleared (23 neighborhoods) and the liberation of Al-Kafaat 3 neighborhood fully and raised the Iraqi flag on it. "

He continued that the forces of the division 16 in the northern axis, continued operations of clearing of the liberated areas and liberated the villages of Abu Jerbuah, Kara Tepe, Al-Darawish and Corey Ghariban and raised the Iraqi flag on then, adding that in the western axis "the Popular Mobilization Forces continued their progress toward Tel Abtah, west strategic line while continuing to purge the liberated areas and fortify and secure the roads ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency