Yazidi MP: Our Areas Belong To The Federal Govt. And We Rejects Kurdistan Referendum

BAGHDAD - Yazidi MP, Haji Kendor confirmed that "the areas of the presence of Yazidis in Nineveh province belong to the federal government, and we refuses holding the referendum in the Kurdistan region."

He told the that "we reject the Kurdistan referendum in our regions because the circumstances do not help to hold it and the time is not appropriate for it."

"Our areas belong to the federal government and we refuse our areas to be part of the disputed areas under Article 140, which expired, on February 15, 2007," Kendor added.

"Instead of entering the country, especially the disputed areas in matters that do not serve one, they should construct the cities and Yazidi areas in particular and the liberated areas in general" he explained.

It is mentioned that the Kurdistan Regional Government announced that the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan province will be hold next September, and this announcement has been met with large opposition internally, regionally and internationally.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency