Yildirim: The Whole World Will Soon Recognize The State Of Palestine With East Jerusalem As Its Capital


Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim said today that “the whole world will soon recognize the state of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and this will end the crisis fully.”

Yildirim said in a speech at a meeting of the Sixth General Conference of the ruling party “Justice and Development” in the western state of Aderna, according to “Anatol”, pointing to the decision of US President Donald Trump on December 6 to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,: “this cannot be achieved By imposing the status quo, all Muslim countries, and all the developed countries around the world, acting wisely, and have united to reject this arrogant decision.”

He continued, “The Muslim and Christian worlds, all of humanity, have defended the legitimate of the Palestinians, which has been going on for years.”

The Turkish Prime Minister stressed that his country wants to achieve stability, peace and brotherhood in the region.

As for the settlement of the visa crisis between Ankara and Washington, Yildirim said: “We received good news (Thursday), where the US and Turkey lifted the restrictions on granting visas to citizens of the two countries, so relations moved a step forward towards normalization.”

He added: “We said that we will not be a party to tension and conflict and controversy, and we will increase our friends and reduce our enmity, but in the event of an evolution contrary to the national interests of Turkey, we do what is necessary

Source: National Iraqi News Agency