Yildirim: Turkey Rushed To Help Iraqi Turkmen Without Discrimination

BAGHDAD / Turkish Prime Minister, Ben Ali Yildirim said "The Iraqi Turkmen is most group that have suffered from the difficult crisis experienced by the country in years," noting that "Turkey rushed to rescue them without sectarian or regionally discrimination."

He said during a meeting yesterday evening with a delegation of Turkmen politicians in Iraq on the sidelines of the third meeting of the Iraqi-Turkish strategic cooperation in Baghdad, according to sources in the presidency of the Turkish minister, "the Turkmen is an sensational part of Iraq, who are our brothers and link of brotherhood between Turkey and Iraq ".

He added, "The Turkmens is most group that have suffered from the difficult stage of crisis in Iraq, and we rushed to help them without sectarian or regionally discrimination, and we embrace about 300 thousand Iraqis in our country, including the Turkmen."

The Prime Minister emphasized that his country had helped Iraq in its war against terrorism in the framework of respect for the unity of Iraqi territory and sovereignty, adding that Turkey "will provide the necessary support to the Iraqi authorities to re-establish housing units affected after its liberation from Daesh, including Turkmen's towns " .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency