Zionist media: Air defenses launch and explosions ring out in Eilat

Zionist media reported on Sunday evening that air defense means were launched in the Eilat region in southern Israel, and several explosions were heard, in what appears to be the interception of suspicious objects.

The Hebrew channels indicated that a strong explosion was heard in Eilat without the sirens sounding, resulting from the interception of a suspicious air object, confirming that an interceptor missile was launched from a warship towards the target.

According to what was reported from the Eilat Municipality: ‘The naval dome system successfully intercepted an air object off the city, and no warning was raised.’

The Israeli army said in a statement: ‘A short time ago, the Israeli Air Force and Navy identified a suspicious air target that crossed from the Red Sea into Israeli airspace and an Israeli Navy missile ship succeeded in intercepting the target using the C-Dome defense system.’

The statement added: “The target was monitored by Israeli army forces and did not pose any threat. No sirens were
sounded in accordance with protocol. No casualties were reported and no damage occurred.”

This comes after Iran launched, yesterday evening, Saturday, a large-scale direct attack on Israel, using dozens of drones and ballistic missiles, in response to Israel targeting the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, at the beginning of this month.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency