2023 Book Fair: Books in English Back in Vogue

Stalls selling books in English, including those on youth issues and personal development, are attracting large numbers of visitors to the 2023 Rabat Book and Publishing Fair (SIEL).

When asked by MAP about this phenomenon, English-language book distributors and booksellers explained it in terms of various cultural and social factors.

According to them, young Moroccan readers are increasingly influenced by English-speaking culture and the tastes of literary influencers, and therefore flock to American and English bestsellers.

As for the most popular genres among readers, the stakeholders interviewed agree that Moroccans read all kinds of books, including those devoted to youth, fiction, personal development, psychology, and business.

With more or less affordable prices and several promotions launched throughout the year and on the occasion of SIEL, distributors and booksellers are trying to encourage Moroccans to read books in English, with the support of publishers seeking to strengthen their position in a market long dominated by Arabic and French literature.

Recognizing that this shift to English is a "fundamental trend," several players have opted for digital technology to get closer to their targets and facilitate access to literature.

With a wide range of genres and a much more diverse selection than French-language books, Moroccan readers are delighted to be able to buy English-language publications without having to spend a fortune.

Given that the number of bookshops offering English-language books has multiplied in recent years, readers believe that this trend will continue, given the importance attached to this literature by young people and the changes being promoted at the institutional level.

Organized under the high patronage of HM King Mohammed VI by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, in partnership with the Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region and the Regional Council, which runs until June 11, is marked by the participation of 661 Moroccan and foreign writers, intellectuals and poets, who light up the skies of this prestigious international fair with their intellectual contributions

Source: Agency Morocaine De Presse